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General information / Tickets

REAWAKE Festival takes place at the event site at the Oisterwijksedreef. See the travel section to find out how to get to the festival. REAWAKE Festival is an outdoor event.

The forecast looks fantastic with a good 22 degrees and a lovely sun, but nothing is as tricky as the weather! In addition to your summer outfit, make sure you bring a jacket or cardigan for when it gets colder in the evening! There are several extra shelters available to sit in the shade.

The sun will be present on Sunday! It is allowed to bring sunscreen, this may be in tubes of up to 100ml.

REAWAKE Festival opens its doors on Sunday 10 July 2022 at 14:00. The event ends at 23:00. Make sure you arrive on time, because the doors close at 21:00.

Minimum Age
The minimum admission age is set at 17 years. Proof of identity in the form of a valid ID card, passport or driving licence is required.

All tickets purchased for REAWAKE Festival 2021 are automatically converted into tickets for REAWAKE Festival 2022 if you have not requested a refund. You don’t have to take any further action for this to happen. Your ‘old’ ticket is still valid and you will not receive a new ticket.

Have you lost your ticket?
Then you can request it via this website of Paylogic. Do you have other questions about your ticket, please contact Paylogic via this website.

You do not have a ticket yet?
Then buy one of the last tickets in our ticketshop.

Sell your ticket
Are you unfortunately unable to attend REAWAKE Festival? Then sell your ticket through TicketSwap, this is the only way to sell your tickets safely and make someone else happy!

It is important that you don’t forget to personalize your tickets if you haven’t done so already! Without personalization, you will not receive an entrance ticket to REAWAKE Festival in your mailbox and you will not be able to visit the event. You can personalize your tickets until 21:00 on Sunday, July 10.

Eco Token
During REAWAKE Festival we work with an Eco Token system. This means you will receive an Eco Token upon entry and hand it in with your first drink in exchange for a cup or bottle. When you order a new drink after that, you hand in this cup or bottle again, if you don’t have it anymore you pay a deposit.

Start puzzling! Check here when your favourite artist has to play!

Payment methods
At REAWAKE Festival you can pay with PIN or CASH. Drinks and food can be paid with coins, which are available at the cash registers.

There are plenty of lockers available at REAWAKE Festival, which are accessible at all times during the event.

There is a merchandise stand at the festival site. Here we sell, among other things, fans, sunglasses, earplugs and a part of our REBiRTH collection.

Smoking / Cigarettes
It is prohibited to smoke under the shelters, this will be strictly monitored by our security. There are no cigarettes for sale on the festival grounds.

First Aid
Not feeling well? Then go to the first aid, they can help you. If you think someone has used too much drugs/alcohol, please consult someone from security or the first aid.

REAWAKE Festival = Zero Tolerance
Stichting BeetjeDansen Events and REBiRTH Events conform to the zero-tolerance policy of the government. Zero tolerance means that no form of soft and/or hard drugs are allowed. Any drugs found will be confiscated and if a punishable amount is found, the arrest and denial of one or more years for the festival will follow.

It is wise to wear earplugs during REAWAKE Festival, these are available at the merchandise stands. Don’t forget to give your ears a rest and don’t stand too close to the speakers. That way, you can enjoy the music without it bothering you later on!


Set your navigation to: Gever 4, 5076NB Haaren and follow the yellow traffic signs with ‘Parkeren’ and only park in the designated areas. In the interest of the environment, we ask you to carpool or travel by public transport as much as possible. Discounted parking tickets are available in our ticketshop.

Shuttle buses
During REAWAKE Festival shuttle buses will be running between the festival site and Oisterwijk Central Station. Shuttle bus tickets are available for € 5,- (excl. fee) in our ticketshop and for € 8,- at the festival site. The shuttle buses run according to a continuous schedule between the following times:

To REAWAKE Festival: between 13:45 and 17:15.
To Oisterwijk CS: between 22:00 and 23:45.

Public Transportation
The festival site is easily reached by public transport. Line 140 from Tilburg and Den Bosch stops right in front of the event site, bus stop: ‘Oisterwijksedreef’. Keep in mind that there will be no public transport after the closing time of the event. Plan your trip on:

Travel Partners
Travel to REAWAKE Festival without stress with one of our Travel Partners, check them all on our website.

The organisation does not organise bus trips. Would you like to come by bus? Please let us know by sending an email to ATTENTION: Registration is required and free of charge, non registered buses pay € 35,- on the spot.

Kiss & Ride / Taxi
Close to the REAWAKE Festival site there is a Kiss & Ride to drop you off. Set your navigation to: Gever 9, 5076NB Haaren and from here on follow the yellow signs with ‘K&R / Taxi / Touringcar’ on it.

Other questions?

Do you have any other questions about REAWAKE Festival? Please send a message via Facebook Messenger or an e-mail to